Week 6 :Creative Process

In this week’s lecture, the main focus is “creative process”
The creative process is divided into two main parts: ideas and actions.
But in fact it also involves a variety of stages. I will be briefly listed below and a brief description.


Preparation: The Institute collects information, inquires previous knowledge and experiences, and seeks other resources. After identifying the objectives, do some research, and then look for inspiration and inspire new ideas(Taylor, 2014).


Incubation: the collection of information to be chewed, so that the free development of consciousness, so that the brain can collect things together. Do not let the brain be surrounded by a specific mind, try brainstorming and mind mapping to explore other solutions. Because all the creativity, have the chance to suddenly found(Taylor, 2014).


Inspiration: Most psychologists believe that: Impression is the source of inspiration, so this stage is in the process of development and integration of consciousness, resulting in a variety of ideas. At this stage, the duration of the variable, may be a few seconds, may be a few months(Taylor, 2014).


Verification: the generated ideas into real things, and then to review the amendment, so that works more perfect.


Form: the words or graphics will be concrete.

Understanding the creative process can identify where the error is. I believe that everyone has creative ideas and ideas, but some people are more creative, because they have learned how to make their processes work or how to enhance the creative process.




Taylor, J. (2014). The Five Stages of the Creative Process. James Taylor. Retrieved 4 January 2017, from http://www.jamestaylor.me/creative-process-five-stages/


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